Aggressive Representation Of The Accused 

Protecting Your Child’s Future 

Criminal convictions don’t just go away regardless of your age. To avoid having a criminal record and suffering the long-term consequences, it is important to have an attorney on the case who is capable of resolving the issue at hand and safeguarding your child’s future. In Solano County, Contra Costa County and surrounding areas of Northern California, the attorney you need can be found at the Law Office of Roberta Brooks.

Attorney Roberta Brooks has 15 years of experience in criminal defense and will establish a defense for the allegations your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew faces and fight for them in court. She will work relentlessly to find the best outcome possible for the minor and, when possible, find reasonable alternative sentencing options such as community service or home supervision instead of juvenile detention system.

Accused Minors Can Face Adult Criminal Charges

In California, a minor can be charged as a juvenile or adult depending on a number of factors such as age, severity of the crime or criminal history. The consequences of a conviction are incredibly severe and damaging. In addition to criminal penalties such as incarceration, your child will face a lifetime of collateral consequences that hamper their educational and employment opportunities as well as their overall quality of life.

Roberta provides an aggressive defense against charges such as those involving:

The time to act is now whether your child has been charged with these crimes or has only been accused. Their reputation and future opportunities hang in the balance until these issues can be resolved in their favor. Roberta brings an insider perspective to these issues and knows what options are available for resolutions such as alternative sentencing. You can rely on her to guide you toward the outcome that limits your child’s exposure to harsh penalties and collateral consequences, whether that means negotiating a plea or going to court.

Your Child’s Future Is Too Important To Leave To Chance

Youthful indiscretions can haunt a person for the rest of their life if not properly resolved. It is critical to have an experienced defense attorney looking out for your child’s best interests in the face of criminal charges. Call 925-839-4615 today for a free initial consultation.