Aggressive Representation Of The Accused 

Fight The Charges: Assault And Battery

Roberta Brooks has more than 20 years’ experience as a criminal defense attorney and will help you uncover the real story surrounding the incident. This may include provocation, alcohol, medications, self-defense or mental health issues. She will fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed, or to negotiate alternative sentencing options such as counseling, community service, probation or house arrest. In some cases, a trial is the best course of action and is your constitutional right. Going to trial is your choice and your constitutional right. If you decide to go to court, Roberta will – with your input – prepare a defense best suited for your situation and will put that defense into action at your trial. Assault charges include:
• Assault
• Assault with a deadly weapon
• Aggravated assault and battery
• Assault with force producing great bodily harm
• Vehicular assault
Theft, robbery or burglary
• Manslaughter
• Kidnapping
• Stalking
• Domestic violence
Drug-related offenses
• Battery

A Violent Crime

Criminal law in California considers an assault to be a violent crime. And the state of California has come down very hard on violent crime, enacting some very tough laws and sentences for those convicted of violent crimes. The prosecutor can charge the alleged perpetrator with misdemeanor assault or felony assault. A conviction can mean serving time in a jail or prison, monetary fines, financial restitution paid to the victim, counseling, probation or parole, and a permanent criminal record. There are other possible consequences, which include loss of your job and/or opportunities for future employment, loss of your right to buy or own a gun, and/or revocation of your driver’s license. Many types of assaults in California are considered “strikes,” falling under the state’s “Three Strikes law,” which make these charges very serious indeed because they can and are often used to increase punishment in a future case.

Defending Against An Assault Charge

Viable defenses to violent crimes like an assault charge include self-defense, the defense of others and/or the prosecution’s inability to prove your identity. In addition, prosecutors often overcharge in many assault cases. Roberta Brooks will tirelessly work to defend you against any criminal charges and try to have the charges completely dismissed or at least reduced.

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