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An attorney with an insider's insight on how the police think and collect evidence

Roberta Brooks Criminal Lawyer
Roberta Brooks, Attorney at Law

Roberta Brooks' background is steeped deeply in law. After serving in the US Navy, Roberta was employed as a Field Examiner for the National Labor Relations Board, so she understands the process of collecting evidence and building a case. This knowledge helps her uncover the weaknesses in the prosecution's allegations.

Working as a police officer gave Roberta an insider's look on how the police think and gather evidence when inspecting a crime. She knows the law enforcement procedures which gives her valuable insight when examining the circumstances surrounding your case. This experience also gives her the ability to question the credibility of the investigation and evidence.

Roberta graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from San Francisco State University and received her juris doctorate from the University of the Pacific McGeorge Law School. The Law Offices of Roberta Brooks will work unrelentingly for you at every stage of your case whether it's a misdemeanor or felony charge facing prison. Every case is a top priority.

Roberta will …

 Investigate the charges against you
 Make sure that your Constitutional Rights were and are protected at all times
 Explain your case so that you clearly understand the charges and your options
 Explore all your possible defenses
 Negotiate a favorable plea
 Get your story heard in the courtroom without putting you in further jeopardy
 Represent you in trial to try and get the best outcome possible

Roberta Brooks has the background and experience to analyze a case from beginning to end so that she can develop an aggressive defense strategy that will protect you. She has been practicing criminal defense for 15 years, so she knows the ins and outs of the law and courtroom procedures that all state courts must follow.

Well-versed in digital forensics and cyber-law

Digital forensics is becoming more and more prevalent in the courtroom. Initially, this electronic data was used as evidence in typical e-crime cases such as credit card fraud, embezzlement, child pornography, pirating, and identity theft. But today, email and phone files are being applied to confirm alibis, corroborate statements, and determine intent.

Using e-data can be tricky. It is important to preserve the evidence in its purest, original form during the investigation – but sometimes the investigator isn't careful enough. Roberta understands the future of the criminal justice system and has extended her education so that she is current with the electronic procedures of collecting evidence. She knows what to look for in how the digital evidence was gathered and possible points of corruption which would cause the data to be inadmissible. Roberta's knowledge and experience to examine this source of evidence gathering will enable her to build your case against it.

For example, Roberta had one case where the officer not only failed to disconnect the internet from the computer he was investigating, but he neglected to use a secure thumb drive with a read/write blocker. This means that while he was investigating, he was leaving his electronic footprint all over the computer which tainted the evidence. In addition, the machine downloaded viruses and spam which caused further corruption of the data. Roberta uncovered this flaw and the electronic evidence was deemed inadmissible. As a result, her client's felony was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Long-term Member of …

 California Public Defenders Association
 Criminal Law Section of Contra Costa County Bar
 Friends Outside, (Former Board Member, Contra Costa County), an organization designed to help families and inmates survive the hardships of incarceration.

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Roberta is the unicorn of criminal defense lawyers, the ones you hear about being so diligent from day 1, and not backing down until she and her client are without a doubt satisfied and comfortable with the outcome.”

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